Privacy Policy

Venture Real Estate Corp., Brokerage only collects personal information necessary to effectively market and sell the property of sellers and to locate, assess and qualify properties for buyers in order to provide professional and competent real estate services to clients and customers. • Only the information necessary to facilitate the real estate transaction and to provide professional and competent services to clients and customers will be collected. • No personal information shall be collected from an individual without first obtaining the consent of the individual to collect, use and disseminate the information. Consent may be implied where the information is not sensitive. • Information that is collected will only be used and disclosed for the purposes disclosed to the client or customer. • In the event the personal information is to be used for some new purpose that extends beyond the consent already provided, express consent must be again provided by the client or customer. • Requests for information by law enforcement officials, lawyers, private investigators or other agents or subpoenas for documents issued by the court must be referred to the company's privacy officer. • Information will be protected and collection and disclosure of information will only be on an 'as needed' basis by the appropriate personnel. • Any request by clients and customers for access to their personal information shall be permitted subject to written notice being provided in advance and proper identification satisfactory to the organization being presented prior to access being granted. Any such requests shall be made to the privacy officer. • Information that contains reference to other individuals may not be available for review and a minimal administrative fee may be charged to supply the information. • Any complaint from an individual concerning the collection, storage, use or disclosure of their personal information must be referred to the organization's privacy officer, who will attempt to resolve the complaint to the individual's satisfaction. In the event the matter cannot be resolved internally, the complaint may be forwarded to the appropriate authority.